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We combine strategic planning expertise with our creative resources to develop visionary brand experiences.

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Jason M. Orlowski

Founder / CEO

I didn't fail! I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.

Urban furniture

Let’s arrange your space together! Choose from the wide range of solutions for cities – in the Terra City collection you can find, among others, unique benches, seats, bicycle stands. Check the offer of the French brand Atech to find out more about used all over the world, flower containers, bowls and towers.

Est. 2014

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A collection of city furniture characterized by the highest quality of workmanship, aesthetics, original form and reliability. These are modular elements that adapt to the needs of a specific space, while allowing for easy and quick introduction of natural accents to it. The possibility of freely composing the components of the collection, their rich range of colors and durability against all unworthiness are the most important distinguishing features of the collection.

A French manufacturer of flower beds, flower boxes and bowls with a double bottom system, which is a European leader in this market segment. These products are excellent architectural tools, they increase the level of comfort in creating urban floral decorations, they are also a great way to improve the image of the city.