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Terra Group

Together we will create a more beautiful tomorrow

Terra Group

Helping to Connect With The Consumer

We combine strategic planning expertise with our creative resources to develop visionary brand experiences.

The Process

  1. Digital Content
  2. In-store Digitial Experience
  3. Marketing Analysis

Jason M. Orlowski

Founder / CEO

I didn't fail! I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.


If you have a unique idea but no clue how to carry it out, tell us! We're experts in landscape architecture with years of experience. Together we create a successful project of the public space arrangement.

Frist things first! The group of architects design a project of the makeover. If you agree on it, the Production Departament begins to prepare your order.

We always use only top quality materials. You can be sure that you get unique products that will serve you for many years.

What can we do for you?

non-standard constructions as the complement of various models of the pots
various handles, frames, stands and jibs
urban welcome signs
decorations made as an independent element or as the complement of the standard products

Est. 2014

Our Blog & Journal

Stand out or die! We will do our very best to attract a maximum number of guests to your place. The most unique solutions will be brought to it: we will give you some advice and help in its arrangement.

Olga Fiedorowicz
Key Account Specialist
+48 513 041 847

This offer thanks to which using elements of small architecture, introducing flowers into the urban space has never been so easy.

<span>Case Study</span>Magazine Mockup <i>for</i> Copan