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We combine strategic planning expertise with our creative resources to develop visionary brand experiences.

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Jason M. Orlowski

Founder / CEO

I didn't fail! I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.


We will make your space charming all year long, regardless of the occasion. Choose Christmas decorations – TerraChristmas with its illuminated elements, Christmas covers for the Flower Towers, Christmas baubles XXL and much, much more! Check the TerraEaster offer to bring to your city Easter Eggs XXL, openwork decorations and the traditional Easter Bunny but in a slightly different version.

Est. 2014

Our Blog & Journal

The collection of Christmas decorations designed the effective urban space arrangement in the winter season. These unique elements help in creating a magical and cheerful atmosphere. They are also a better alternative for natural spruce trees.

Terra Easter is a wide collection of the functional Easter decorations not only for the cities but also for the individual use. They are the highest quality openwork products, not only traditional but also design illuminated accessories for closed and open spaces. They are an ideal complement of the Easter arrangement but also an interesting element for the interior furnishing, also off the Easter season. A limitless range of usage, attractive shapes, a unique play of lights assure an amazing visual effect for every kind of space and for any occasion.