Don't buy sight unseen!

Order a free visualisation and see how your city could change


We know how hard is to prepare an urban space arrangement  that will be outstanding and interesting.

We want to make your work easier, so we offer you a free visualisation of changes in given places. Prepared projects and ideas facilitate the later selection of products and flowers.

Send the photos of places you want to change to us on d2l6dWFsaXphY2plQHRlcnJhLXBsLmV1. Our landscape architects will suggest you the best solutions and create an individual project. The result of our work will be the brand new design of your city.

Now it’s time for you decision...



Dominik Osyczka
landscape architect | + 48 691 210 222 ZG9taW5pay5vc3ljemthQHRlcnJhLXBsLmV1